UK Horsewatch Alliance is group of people from Horsewatch groups all over the country, who will meet at regular intervals to work together to provide a network of information and support to combat equine crime. It has been decided we would not create another level of reporting by forming another committee. Each group will remain autonomous with this website being a central point for contact details for each individual group and related websites containing relevant information. If you are a member of a group that you would like included please contact Thames Valley Horsewatch.

This website is designed to provided links to as many groups as we know about, links to information regarding stolen horses, ponies and trailers, security and identification information plus any other relevant information.

Most groups work in partnership with their local constabularies developing a range of security measures to support the horse owner to prevent the theft of horses and associated equipment. The success of any Horsewatch group is the dedication of its members and their commitment to their animals is the main driving force behind helping to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.